Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Take a hint from your heart!

The heart is one of the most vital and significant organs in our bodies, without it human life cannot be sustained.  As the key organ in the circulatory system, each day it beats about 100,000 times. The heart is highly resistant to fatigue and receives messages from the body that tells it when to pump more or less blood depending on an individual's needs.  Almost 2,000 gallons of oxygenated blood and nutrients gets pumped from the heart and is traveled to provide energy through miles of blood vessels that branch and cross, connecting the cells of our organs and body parts.  As a maintainer of the circulatory system, the heart is the nucleus to this continuous cycle of providing energy to and getting rid of waste from our bodies.
Drawing on the attributes of the heart can offer us a platform for generating a fruitful and thriving life as well.  Sure there are challenges that impose significant issues for us.  However, the resilience and purpose of the heart has innate qualities that can be transfer ably used to create the value and momentum we often need.
Let’s look at some of these qualities more closely:
The heart has a purpose to provide energy- The driver of the heart is to provide energy as a life force for the human body.  The lives we create for ourselves must have a driver as well. 
Will the driver you choose for your life’s design be as dynamic as the example beating in your chest? 
Will you bring a healthy energy to your life as your heart does for your body?
What a tool of encouragement the heart’s purpose provides us with to stimulate us to be cognizant of the energy we are being, creating and contributing in the world.  As a commissioning theory it can inspire us to be intentional about ensuring that the energy we create is offering constructive value to our life and the lives of others.
The heart works collaboratively – Like any great leader, the heart is a phenomenal point of reference to keep the body alive.  However, it is the details of the unceasing dedication to providing for and working with the systems of the body that make it so fascinating.  The enormity of its purpose is better appreciated by how it dutifully collaborates with the rest of the body. 
Without getting too complicated, the heart basically provides the body with what it needs.  In order to accomplish this we could say it must be attentive, flexible and cooperative with various systems of the body.  This idea is parallel to how we can choose to function in the world and be prosperous in areas of our development.   Adapting the systems approach of the heart to be productive collaborators to pursue our purpose and add value to how we exist is incredibly empowering. Likewise to the hearts cycle of functioning, we too must be willing to get rid of the waste (the useless particles that can lead to dysfunction if not properly deposed of) that is sifted out through this collaborative work. 
The heart is highly resistant to fatigue – The resilience of the heart is a commanding attribute that we can imitate while endeavoring toward our life goals.  As our human bodies are made of incredibly complex systems, so too are our lives as we interact with the world.  Many of the opportunities and challenges we experience in our lifespan will require us to be strong.  Adopting the spirit to be resistant to fatigue when it comes to your life’s design, is a theme that not only will move you when “the going gets tough, ” but will enable you to thrive in spite of challenges, just as our heartbeat does.
As a final point of reference, the heart is identified as an organ that has involuntary functioning. These automatic and instinctive features to regenerate the body are unlike our everyday functioning in life, which are voluntary actions produced by our choosing. Although there is an undeniable difference in how functioning is initialized by the heart as oppose to our functioning in the world, we can inherit these qualities by choosing the practice of infusing positive energy into all areas of our lives and the lives of others.  So let’s take a hint from the heart and its sense of duty as a model of excellence on how to stimulate life.
~ Be