Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Change & You "Partners for Life"

If you don’t like something, change it.
If you can’t change it, change your attitude!
~ Maya Angelou
Changes are occurring around us all the time, which impact us in so many ways.  Whether the change is subtle or abrupt, positive or negative, of our own volition or someone else’s; change nonetheless causes us to experience aspects of our lives in different ways.  Some may view change as an opportunity for new possibilities, while others experience the instability of change as nerve wrecking and unsettling.  I propose that we utilize the fact that change is inevitable as a life tip for us to practice being flexible, embracing and observant of change rather than being guarded against it.
So how can we lean into change with an exploratory and appreciative eye so that we may make use of the valuable insight it offers for self-exploration and development?
We can decide to perceive change as a valuable ally to help us to know more about ourselves, highlighting our strengths and uncovering our vulnerabilities.  As wonderful and as scary as this may sound, it’s a good way to observe how we are being in the world.  For example, if change in certain areas of your life makes you nervous, exploring why it does empowers you to develop a greater sense of yourself to address those feelings. Equally, if you happen to enjoy change, the same exploration can still be a catalyst to understanding what it really means to you and how you can utilize what you have learned about yourself to increase your life in other ways.
Partnering with change reinforces your role as a Life Manager and allows you to gain full advantage of the opportunities associated with it. No matter the circumstances that change presents, you can decide to be the beneficiary of the growth that comes with it.
~ Be