Coming Soon

Coming Soon....... Be's first book entitled "Who am I when I am choosing You?"

As the highest form of living creation, human beings have always had the ability to make choices.  These choices have cultivated our families, society, world and future endeavors.  The idea of "choosing" as a capability is absolutely enormous!  The sun doesn't have a choice, the moon doesn't have a choice nor do the stars in the sky.  As astronomical as they are, they cannot choose to rise, shine or exist.  However, we can!  what a wonderful reality of what the human being has the capacity to do in Choosing!

The book aims to examine the "Self" as we make choices.  "Who we are", as we choose in our relationships, profession, education, lifestyle,etc...  Detailing the special ability that choosing offers us and offering insight into the diversity of how and why people make choices, through candid interviews and historical research.  A book that aims to inspire and encourage a person to be intentional about choosing to create the existence they want for their life as it is the Art of Becoming.