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  1. Hi Be',

    I recently changed my way of doing things socially because I wanted to focus on my professional life. My friends seem supportive on one hand and on the other constantly get upset with me when I can't hang. For the most part I don't care, but there is a part of me that is so frustrated by this.....what are you're thoughts?

  2. Good Day Anonymous,

    I can understand how this may be frustrating for you and you're friends. Transition may be necessary but it is not always welcomed. These are just a few thoughts that may be helpful to consider.

    Alot of times when we make changes in the way we interact with our circle, the experience is felt by all. It doesn't necessarily mean that they don't support you, it's just different from what the were used to. Communication is a great way to discuss the feelings involved. Unfortunately we can't expect people to understand all of our decisions, but we can discuss and appreciate that each person has feelings about the change in the friendship.

    Acknowledging those feelings by way of conversation can offer an opportunity to create new ways to find time to hang out,while supporting the persons transition. Maybe having a candid conversation will offer you and you're friends this and much, much more.

    Take care,


  3. Hi Be:
    When do you know you have the right partner?

  4. Hi Laura,

    What a great question! one that we all contemplate at one time or another in our lives. While I personally do not believe that there is a hard and fast answer. I do strongly feel that the question should be turned inward. It is extremely important to know who you are when choosing a mate. This examination of self allows you to be honest about what you desire in a mate. To take it a step further, one should also be interested examining why those desires matter.

    Thinking about your value system, cultural beliefs, strengths, vulnerabilities and desires are just a few categories that one should feel comfortable exploring before trying to match themselves to a partner.

    There are so many relationship casualties that are due to the lack of self exploration that one should involve themselves in before choosing a mate. This being said, I believe that the more you learn about yourself and stay true to that process, the more you will become sure about your relationship choices.

    I am happy that you are willing to ask the question and hope that you welcome the exploration process. If I may encourage you..... continue to explore this area of your life with patience, self kindness and courage.

    Warm regards,

    ~ Be ~

  5. Hi Be,

    How do you know when you are on the right path for your life. Meaning, how do you know when you are in your "purpose"? Or GOD's purpose for your life?


  6. Thank you for posing such a rich question. It is a question that holds all the direction you need to discover the answers. If I may, I would like to share my thoughts about your question, by using a few questions. The answers you find in yourself will BE valuable to your journey.

    Please answer the following questions one at a time. Each question builds off the previous question. Please do not skip ahead or filter your answers by reading the later questions first. Take some quiet time and journal the answers to the following questions :

    What are you finding out about yourself and the environment around you as you interact with the world (as a professional,community resident, mother, wife, etc.)?

    What are you Becoming based on your answers to the first question? How are you shaping life and how is life shaping you?

    And how does what you've discovered relate to your personal relationship with GOD? How does it relate to the personal conversation and prayer you have with GOD?

    Who is GOD in YOU? and How does the GOD in you have life through you?

    The process of examining your thoughts, actions and desires presents you with an opportunity to BE intentional about your life. It is my belief that the actions associated with intentionality are in accordance with Life and Purpose!

    I BElieve for you Every Divine Possibility.

    Warm Regards,

  7. BE,

    Thank you... I have my journal out.. wink